Friday, September 6, 2013

Don't Let Temperatures Spoil Your Inspection.

In August of 2013 the city health inspectors of Milwaukee, Wisconsin issued more than 40 citations to restaurants which were in violation of proper temperature procedures.  These citations can result in hefty fines, suspensions, and even closure. Health inspections can be negative and worrisome, or they can be an opportunity for your operation to be recognized and validated for safe practices.

Temperature control violations are among the most common critical item violation marked on restaurant inspections across the nation.  Careful management of temperatures in the kitchen can go a long way in helping to prevent food borne illness. The goal for all foodservice operations should be to eliminate bacterial growth in order to assure maximum shelf life and food safety.

ChefPad Pro offers several features to ensure your food service operation remains in coherence with food safety regulations; the ability to create and print unique prep labels, the Bluetooth probe thermometer, and digital line checks. 

Prep Label Printing: Create the layout and specifications of your food labels; include cook time, storage temperature, shelf life, or any other custom information that may be required in your kitchen. Wirelessly print these self-adhesive and fully removable labels from any area in your kitchen. 

Bluetooth Thermometer: The criteria temperature for each of your food items is predetermined in the ChefPad Pro tablet and presents itself on the screen, this makes it as easy as selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when the staff member is prompted to record temperature readings and determine if they are correct. 

Line Checks: All line items are organized by your operations specifications and recorded using the Bluetooth Thermometer. Upon completion of a line check, all information can be sent from the tablet to a managers inbox for approval and review. If line checks are skipped or incomplete, this information can also be seen. 

Having to constantly check temperatures and observe safe food handling practices can quickly become tedious work that gets neglected, ChefPad Pro has made the process easier, and the communication effortless, for all those involved in the kitchen or the back office.
Making food safety concerns a priority can only help your business by providing quality, bacteria-free, food to customers while avoiding health code violations. 

 “An extremely effective tool in reducing food costs, increasing productivity and very helpful in maintain quality and consistency.”- WG Buck Warfield, President Enduring Brands LLC

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