Friday, August 23, 2013

ChefPad Pro announces Urth Caff

                                                   ChefPad Pro has provided the solution 
                                       to streamline the digital recipe needs of Urth Caffe.

Currently, ChefPad Pro is designing and building Urth Caffe’s virtual recipe book based on Urth Caffe’s existing collection of recipes. Once all software and hardware has been installed, and training sessions have been completed, ChefPad Pro will continue to host Urth Caffe’s entire collection of recipes on the ChefPad SQL server. ChefPad Pro’s services will also include technology support, back office services, and general customer service. Urth Caffe will retain responsibility for all changes and updates to their own recipes, as well as regularly scheduled synchronization of the ChefPad Pro software and tablet.
Urth Caffe’s choice in the digital recipe solution of ChefPad Pro enables their staff to produce and maintain cost effective and quality consistent recipes.
Steve Carey, ChefPad Pro’s founder, said “Urth Caffe is a restaurant that is on the cutting edge of the industry and we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with a company that we believe has core operating values similar to our own. We are very excited about moving forward in our relationship with Urth Caffe.”

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About ChefPad Pro
ChefPad Pro is the digital recipe device that will transform restaurant operations into a virtual “Paperless Kitchen.” ChefPad Pro offers back office software in conjunction with kitchen safe tablets to eliminate the need for paper recipe books. ChefPad Pro is a virtual company, with offices in every region of the lower United States.  

About Urth Caffe
The Urth Caffé is an organic coffee company that exclusively carries its own brand of premium, fresh roasted
whole bean organic coffee, and hand selected fine teas sold under strict quality and ethical standards. Urth Caffé organic coffees and fine teas can be discovered online, via mail order, in fine restaurants and Urth Caffé locations in Los Angeles. To learn more, click here UrthCaffe

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